Sally de Courcy

Artist Statement



Sally de Courcy's 3D practice uses the casting process to make many repetitions of objects.These objects which relate metaphorically or literally are hidden within an abstract arrangement. As the viewer recognizes the contextual links between the objects, a narrative is revealed. By using repeated objects with their own meaning it introduces contexts beyond that of simple repetition.


After working in a refugee camp she is interested in human rights and much of her work  stands for those who are dehumanized as a result of atrocities that occur in war and terrorism. History  like her work repeats itself, and the philisophical reasons for this repetition of violence has been a major part of her research and extends her focus on repetition.


Her paintings explore the creative differences that can occur through repetition of mark making. These changes are both deliberate by changing materials and colour, or accidental as part of process.


She is interested  how  creativity subverts  repetition such that two repeated processes in both her 3D and 2D work are never the same. Repetition resulting in  metamorphosis.